I am Ling!

Remember this lady from Dragons Den on BBC 2 ? She runs LingsCars.com along with a blog and she’s got an excellent website style. Her page is relaxed, informal and yet professional all at once. This lovely Chinese lady is insane, but I love her site and the way she does business.

To advertise the site she originally came up with this – a nuclear missile truck. Strangely the local councils didn’t like it when she parked the truck in local streets and started advertising her business.

She also offers website advice like….

“Most people and business look at website wrong way. Try plugging head into 240v mains electric to clear brain.

Website is like an extension of you, person behind business. Are you alive? Then website should be alive. Do you change, have emotion, get angry, get happy? Then website should do all these things. Here is how (in Ling humble opinion).

Last, don’t let 1 day go by without changing or feeding or petting website, even tiny thing. If you don’t feed website it will die. Like pet. This is all emotion, not fact. You think I’m wrong? Look at your website, look at my website. When last time you even visit, never mind change? In real life you tell jokes, eat, drink, shout etc; do all this on website! Wah, this is so simple but most people consume in “professionalism”. Visitor just want website to work well for them. “

Mental, but true :)

She even does road tests in her own feature called “Chop Gear” (complete with army helmet and uniform for some reason).

I love the way she writes the site – “You call me 9-6 Mon-Fri. After 6, I drink Baileys”… brilliant stuff. Check out the car reviews too, “I road test car! I drive faster than Stig. I take it in town, on open road. Drives nice. Room for wok in boot.”

Check her site out below if you’re looking for a Lease / PCP purchase (good if you don’t intend driving many miles, unlike the 30,000-odd I do per year!