Those car suckers

I’ve always maintained that a large majority of people in this world are utterly mental. To back up my theory I add any evidence of this here (check out this lady earlier today for further proof). On the way home I found another example of madness in action.

What am I talking about? Well, it all starts with sat-navs..

Usually everyone that purchases one of these will get a “sucker” thing to fix it to your windscreen. This is all well and good, but for some reason certain people tend NOT to stick them safely in the corner of their windscreen but right slap-bang in their eye-line. They’ve got the entire windscreen to use, but no – they want to add the sat-nav in the worst place possible. Some people make things even worse by having a phone stuck above the steering wheel with the sat-nav above it. End result ? You can hardly see the road. How these people do it I don’t know. They have it so high up the windsreen that their view of the road becomes just a small “letterbox” shape. I think they’re using it as some kind of head up display. Perhaps, if they turn they’re headlights off, they can use it to drive around without ever having to look out of the window. Hell knows what happens when they get to a new bit of road that isn’t covered by the sat-nav.

Seriously, next time you’re stuck in a jam have a look around at the position of these sat-nav units. Today was the icing on the cake – this guy had a TomTom above his steering wheel, a speed / radar detector to the right, an iPod, mobile phone to the left PLUS a massive air freshener dangling down. It looked like a bus we once travelled on in Jamaica… although I must confess that one did have a chandelier in it.. :)