Woah! Is it summer already?!

This morning I was driving to work. It was another sunny day here in Staffordshire. The weather forecaster promised a bright sunny day and it definitely turned out that way.

This morning, though, it wasn’t too warm. It was a little after 8AM (late again!) and it was 10 degrees celcius. Look, I even took a photo to prove it…

Not too warm, I think you’ll agree. However, it’s around this time of year that people with cabriolets – or soft-tops – start to show off. It only takes the smallest bit of sunshine and, like Brits in Blackpool, the top is off!

A bit further up the traffic queue I spotted this guy, who I’d been following down a dual-carriageway moments earlier. I’m prepared to place money on his heating being up full blast… :)

Several days of sunshine has, of course, started the oh-so-obvious headlines…

“Hot summer ahead”

“Hottest summer for years to come!”

“2007 set to be a scorcher!”

My arse.. my fat hairy arse. Weren’t they saying it was going to be the coldest Winter ever last year? Was it ? Nope

I hope it is a sunny summer though :)

The more astute amongst you may have noticed that I’m slightly “on edge” at present. Mostly this is because we’re selling our house – something I’ll blog about in a seperate post. It’s a little stressful at the best of times. Little things begin to wind you up, like – on the way home last night – I was following a 4×4 Range Rover thing. These things annoy me, especially big “bling bling” machines such as this. Not because of what they are or their size, but purely the way they’re driven, which is badly for most of the time.

Why am I going on? Well, this person was going down a road with speed humps – it was a 30mph zone but, for some inexplicable reason, they were slamming on the breaks at each speed hump. Every single one.. break, break, break… crawl over the hump and then… back up to 30mph again. I gave up after a bit and overtook it. I’m not kidding, this was slowing down to 5mph, maybe less. As I went past I glanced up at the fat blob driving – no disabled badge, no sign of pain (I gave them then benefit of the doubt and figured they could have a back problem).. and they’re driving a vehicle which probably costs around 50,000…


AGH!!!!! AGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!