Another day, another school shooting

Another school in the USA and yet more shootings. It’s disgusting to say this, but this is getting repetitive and all too familiar. Unfortunately nothing, absolutely nothing, will change. Gun law in the USA will not change and the 31 people to die will just become another statistic.

The present administration in the USA have let the ban on automatic weapons lapse – yes, lapse. It effectively means that guns are easier to get and the NRA will no doubt ensure it stays that way.

In 2005 I was lucky enough to visit America and we spent a day at a firing range in Redmond. As someone who’s grown up and spent my life in the UK it was a culture shock to see guns and huge knives sold so freely. We spent an hour or two at the firing range and I commented on the families I saw with small children shooting real guns at silhouetted targets.

Unfortunately my blog post was spotted by several gun clubs and, within days, I had to remove it. People threatened me and my family merely for commenting on what I saw. This is all that is left of the post.

I’m not being critical, it’s just an ingrained part of the American culture.

Link – BBC News – (Interesting responses to this incident at Sky News)