Another Nascar moment

My last blog post mentioned the Will Farrell film “Talladega Nights“. It’s a movie revolving around Nascar racing from the good ‘ole US of A. Some of you may have seen this – if not, get it recorded on late-night channel Five or Five US.

Sure, some may not be huge fans of this sport and I’ve no doubt that most of you will be saying, “Yeah, but they just go round and round, where’s the skill in that? Surely it’s just the person who sits in the slipstream the longest?” Hmmm.. Well sure, but these cars are doing 195-200mph on the Talladega Superspeedway about 6cm from each other. Just check out the video below – I love the drama and the cameras mounted on the cars, it really puts you slap bang in the middle of the action. 200mph and they’re driving 3-wide, bumping into each other and pushing each other on. It’s like giving everyone on the M6 an 800bhp car to drive home with on a Friday night.

There’s a reason for all these Nascar references and you’ll see why very soon. This clip gives you an idea why I like Nascar, and part of the reason I want a new house (hopefully a detached property too) – I just want to get this on hi-def, then ramp up the volume to “max” and test out the surround sound. At times the commentators can tend to wreck the ambience slightly, I’d just love to sit there and listen to the gorgeous V8 engines, but where else can you hear commentators saying, “Buggadee buggadee buggadee!!!” though eh ?! :)

Here’s the first lap of the Talladega with hardly any chatter. Just listen to the V8 from inside and outside those cars… Offffff….. It makes your nads vibrate doesn’t it eh ? :)