Domain Registry of America – The scum are still active

This popped through the door this morning. If you ever have the misfortune to receive this letter, just bin it. Domain Registry of America / Registration Services Incorporated are known cowboys and will try to grab your domain and lock you into an agreement to renew it. Although the costs are fairly reasonable, they will no doubt ramp up the price of the renewal if you do respond to this junk mail and give them money. You’ll also probably find that, if you do decide to move across to their “service”, you are unable to move away from them without a large payment.

Their website may look decent enough, but they’re well known in the industry as utter scoundrels (just Google for them!).

As a general word of advice, never buy or renew a domain when a company you don’t recognise sends you renewal information through the post like this. Your ISP / domain registrar should do it automatically for you, or they should at least contact you under their own company name. Also, never buy or renew domains if someone calls you on the phone from a company you don’t recognise – this is especially true if they’ve “apparently” got “someone else” buying a domain which is “very similar to yours”. This is a common trick and you may think that they’re doing you a favour by letting you buy a domain similar to your own. It’s not the case, they’re just looking for a way to trap you into buying a domain for an inflated cost.

The Domain Registry of America have now resorted to posting their crap from Jamaica after being hounded by several organisations, including Nominet, who deal with all domains ending in “.uk”.

Domain Registry of America / Registration Services Incorporated are scum – avoid them!

Link – Full letter