In, then out, then in….

I’ve got to type this quick before the story begins to bore me too much. Following my earlier blog post Paris Hilton is now back in prison again. After *bribing the local Sheriff to get her out under a completely faked “serious medical condition”, she’s now been ordered by the court to get back in jail and complete her sentence.

Sheriff Baca, who’s now about to *buy a new house and sports car, said “This lady has some severe problems”. Yes, we know that you idiot. That’s why she should be in jail… or at least back in school to learn how to read and write …

The Sheriff (given his obvious years of psychiatric training) said that she has a “mental condition”, however it’s puzzled the psychiatrists who checked her out because it happened so “suddenly”. Sheesh… Talk about being taken for a ride!

* = I have absolutely no evidence to support this in any way, but it’s probably true, right?

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Link – Sky News