The storms !

Here in the UK it’s absolutely throwing it down. There’s floods, closed roads and trapped cars. The TV crews are out in the raining to capture the moment, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the rather stupid woman who in this live broadcast from up the road in Sutton Coldfield. She…

a) Drove her old Fiesta into a road which was completely flooded
b) Continued driving into it, even though there was no sign of the road ahead
c) Tried to reverse out of it, causing the water to go right up her exhaust.
d) Opened the window (surely not a good move in the rain?)
e) Sat with her fat arse sticking out of the window, thinking she was stranded.

f) Sits there, like a lemon, on her mobile, while Sky News shows her “distress” on live TV all over the UK.

I love the way that the reporter mentions how “distressed” and “scared” the woman must be. You get the feeling that the reporter is trying to get some sort of award for breaking news.

It’s hilarious when the Sky News helicopter starts hovering overhead and shows the dozy mare sat in the middle of what looks like a river – how she thought she could drive through it I don’t know. But wait, because everyone seems to have missed something…. look how far the water is up the tyres! What is the woman thinking? Just get out love! It’s only up to your ankles! :)

Links – Sky News VideoYouTube Version