Gordon Brown is a scruffy bugger

I rarely blog about political issues, but today Tony Blair steps down as Prime Minister. In his place comes Gordon Brown.

Now, I’ll have to apologise for being so utterly shallow, but I’m not a big fan of Gordon Brown. My reasons are as ridiculous and nonsensical as ever but I’ll try my best to explain ..

Before Tony Blair came to power we had possibly the dullest Prime Minister ever. John Major was sooooo boring and bland as PM and didn’t exactly portray the Britain in a very vibrant light. Seriously, he looked like a talking lamppost and had all the personality of a small freezer. He was the sort of bloke that everyone moved away from at house parties.

My thought process here, as you can probably guess, is as weird and deranged as ever. I’m completely ignoring the political stance and what Tony Blair did or didn’t do for the UK. I’m concentrating more perhaps on image – the impression people get about our Prime Minister.

In my book Tony Blair had a good persona and the majority of the worldwide audience probably warmed to him a little.


Gordon bloody Brown ??!?!?!?

Look at him. He’s not exactly a great ambassador is he eh? For a kick off he looks like I do after a long night on the beer. His hair is usually all over the place, he used to fall asleep in Labour conferences and he constantly seems to need a shave. Most of the time he either looks bored or hung-over..

I keep half-expecting to hear him slurring his words on TV…..

“Good Morning Ladiesssshhh and ShhhhGentlemen. Shhhhhhhank you for making me Prime Ministaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m a bit drunk you know…”

So, that’s my opinion. Balls to his policies and stuff – the guy is a scruffy mess in a bad suit. He needs a trip to Savile Row and a good haircut, then I’ll vote for him.