Cannock coucillors are insane – official

A few miles up the road from here is a town called Cannock. You may not have heard of it, but it’s an old mining town which has now become famous across the internet due to amount of chavs living there (seriously, check and other sites). Now, if you’re not entirely sure what a chav is, it’s worth looking at this wikipedia page. Wikipedia, as you may know, is a large website which relies on submissions for content. The end result is a fairly excellent online encyclopedia covering pretty much everything under the sun. It’s protected from abuse by several people who monitor entries and edits for accuracy etc.

Now, there’s another side called uncyclopedia, which is a satirical website with fake news stories and comical articles with a similar look-and-feel to Recently they published an entry about Cannock which you can find here. Local councillors, who obviously haven’t got anything better to do, have reacted with fury to this webpage and the “lies contained”. Their complaints were published in local newspapers last week. Readers have responded this week by writing a huge amount of letters. They’ve appeared in most of the local newspapers, including Cannock residents themselves. Most have simply told the Cannock councillors to shut up and realise that yes, Cannock is full of chavs !!! :)

I’ve had to resize it a bit, so here for the original.

Come on Cannock councillors ! Do something more useful and sort out the town! It’s rapidly turning into a no-go zone!

Links – wikipedia.orguncyclopedia.orgCannock (according to uncyclopedia)

Edit – Blimey, it looks like another town has been taken for a ride too!