The broadband is back! ALL HAIL!!

Wehay !! If you’ve been reading the grief I’ve had with moving house and having no phone line, then you’ll no doubt be up to speed with my groaning about the phone company.

To sum up, we moved house, the phone company (OneTel) messed everything up and we ended up waiting a full month to get a phone line turned on. BT, on the other hand (and yes, it does surprise me that I’m going to praise them) have somehow managed to get my broadband working a full two days earlier than it should have !

Tonight I plugged the router in, just to get the whole thing ready for Thursday when it goes live, and the “ADSL” light stopped flashing! Bingo, I’m online. Heck, the SNR and upstream / downstream is all over the shop at the minute while it trains the line, but I’m not going to argue – it works and it works pretty flippin’ well.