YouTube deleted me

You may have noticed a lot of YouTube videos aren’t working here on Coolsmartphone of late. The reason is that I’ve been booted off for “Copyright Infringement”. Unfortunately there was one video containing 30 seconds of a Road Wars car chase which I added to the blog some months ago and the programme makers didn’t like me YouTubing it. Although YouTube give you warnings the whole thing got out of hand while we were moving and I missed the warning messages – end result? I got booted.

Although I may be a little bitter here, it seems that YouTube is falling to the large PR and marketing people. Film distributors, music companies and TV makers are adding their own videos and then slamming any users who attempt to do the same. It seems strange to see “official videos” from Warner Brothers etc, whilst alongside there’s users upload clips from MTV and being taken down, their accounts deleted and no chance of re-adding their collection of videos (which, in my case, was mostly filmed myself).

Oh, and just to prove a point, how come YouTube can host this, a brand-new Madonna single that hasn’t even been released, yet they close my account so easily?