Cheaper car insurance? Yes, it’s true..

Damn it. Don’t you hate it when adverts are actually right ? For ages now I’ve been constantly irritated by adverts. They claim to go through all the leading car insurance companies and get you a cheaper quote. Now, although it’s months before my insurance is up I finally decided that now was the time to finally see if they were any good.

I though my car insurance was cheap, it’s with Tesco. Tesco are cheap, right ? Well, you’d think that. I’ve written my car off in 2004 (anyone remember this?) so my insurance went up a bit and I somehow stuck with Tesco thinking that the 630 per year was about right.

Well, it ain’t… Afer filling in the several screens on their site I managed to get a couple of deals with Admiral and for … 370 !!!!

That’s insane – a 260 saving!

Sure, it takes a bit to fill in all the details, but you only do it once and the results are all saved. Whilst their adverts might drive you into the nearest nut-house, their claims are actually true!