Goodbye social networking sites – I’ve had enough

OK, I’ll admit it. I am on facebook. So, it would seem, are a lot of my friends. However, I have a confession.

I fupping well hate it.

Every time I receive a friend request through the email I log in and find that I’ve either been invited to some online game, group or meeting within the site. I also find that I’ve been “poked” or invited to play hangman online. Coo… The other day I logged in and someone had bought me a virtual beer.


You’re my friends, great. I love you all. But if you wanna chat with me, GIVE ME A CALL!!!! Pfff.. At least text me or something, because that’s how normal people do it.

I’m sorry. I can’t take it any more Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Faceparty, Twitter or Vox. It’s getting to the point where I turn the computer on and spend more time doing “networking” than actually going out and drinking real beer !! This simply isn’t right and I for one am ber-loody fed up with it.

I boot up the computer and Windows Messenger pops up, “Hiya mate”, says someone. Skype fires up shortly after, “Hey man, good to see you online”, says someone else. Next comes the email, where I’ve got Facebook requests. I browse to Facebook and find that someone is “Chilling out” while someone else is “Watching TV” – and I’ve been invited to play chess with someone else..


Sod off!!!

Just let me browse the ruddy internet and do what I wanted to do in the first place!

Go away social networking websites ! I’ll call my friends up with a phone, I’ll go for a real beer in a real pub, with real people talking to each other!