My iPhone experience

After paying a visit to Cheshire Oaks on Saturday I ended up strolling into Carphone Warehouse. The iPhone was on display with eager members of staff leaping on anyone showing an interest in the phone. It was busy, but it was far from the rugby-scrum I’d expected for a Saturday morning, especially as this was the first full day it’d been on sale in the UK.

I had a fiddle around with it and then overheard this rather interesting exchange …

Staff – “Can I offer you any help with the iPhone, Sir?”
Random customer – “Yeah sure, I’m really impressed with it. I’ve finished my contract so I can sign up today.”
Staff – “Excellent, you do know that it’s only available on o2?”
Random customer – “Yeah, I guess I’ve got no option really.”
Staff – “Fine, it’s an 18 month contract and there’s 269 to pay today…”
Random customer – “But I’m not upgrading – I’ve finished my contract. Do I still need to pay the money?”
Staff – “Yes, that’s the price everyone pays regardless”
Random customer – “You mean it’s not free?”
Staff – “Ahh no.”
Random customer – “Oh, erm.. it’s going to have to wait until after Christmas I’m afraid mate.”

The Carphone Warehouse staff member sounded very much like he’d had the same reaction all day long. Now, don’t get me wrong here, the iPhone is a good phone, but pricing it at 269 just weeks before Christmas is a bit crazy. Still, if you’re thinking about buying one you need to have a look at these five reasons for and against buying one.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the shop is the Ted Baker Needle, with two girls inspecting it. Price? Nothing. I was impressed with the navigation keys on this, which were quite firm and rugged. They seemed to be impressed, although it was mostly because it was pink…

Later on we ended up in the Trafford Centre which was absolutely rammed. Guys, if you haven’t started shopping for Christmas already, now is the time to start. I’ve never seen the Trafford Centre so busy…