Fuel Protests – Let the insanity begin!

Here we go again, the cost of petrol spirals up (now well above 1 a litre here in the UK) and suddenly blockades are planned for this Saturday.

It’s not the blockades that cause the problems, it’s the knee-jerk reaction of the general public.

It’s almost like your local supermarket on Christmas Eve. Even though the shop is only closed for one day (or possibly two), “they” run around grabbing gallons of milk and dozens of loaves of bread because, for some reason, they believe they’ll starve to death. The petrol stations will no doubt be the same. Even though the blockades themselves only have limited effect, you’ll no doubt have queues of nutters (who only ever put 10 worth of fuel in ever week), waiting for hours to put a full tank of petrol in.

Grumble… moan.. whinge…

Links – Sky NewsThe Guardian