Me? Shopping? Boxing Day? I don’t think so..

This morning on the radio the DJ was speaking to a lady driving to work. She’s on her way to the House of Fraser and it’s her second day back after the Christmas holidays…

“Boxing Day was mental”, she says, “people were queueing before 8am and we didn’t even open until 9.30am”

Then, on GMTV could be seen FIGHTING as the doors opened at a “Next” shop. Hmm.. This isn’t really the spirit of Christmas is it? It certainly wouldn’t have happened hundreds of years ago…

“Excuse me Sir, I think you’ll find that you have pushed in front of me”

“Apologies my noble friend, for I fear you have made a mistake, I was here before you.”

“Sir, I challenge you to a dual. I will not see you buy that 42-inch plasma TV before me”

It’s just not British is it eh?

What’s happening to this country? The only time we ever get angry or fight for something is when a TV has been reduced in price!

….Well, I say reduced.. It was actually 599 for most of the year, but they ramped it up in price during December to 899 knowing that nobody would spend that much on a present, then they dropped it down to 599 again and stuck it in the sale for a “massive 300 saving”.

OK, some of the stuff is cheap – some of the items are really cheap. Now, I could start a rant about this, but I’ve done that before. For me it’s much easier to log on and do the sales shopping, but women seem to enjoy getting crushed, pushed around and stressed out. Personally I’d rather be in bed at 4.30 AM than queueing outside the local Next store, but people can do whatever they choose I guess.

Actually I have pretty much the same thought every Saturday when I visit the local newsagent. There’s a massive queue of people waiting for the lottery and they’re “tutting” and whinging about the length of the queue. What’s stopping them from playing online instead?

I’ll try not to moan about people getting up and queueing for the Boxing Day Sales. If you want to got to PC World at 7AM on Boxing Day to buy a laptop that has been reduced then fine. You’re mad of course, because that same laptop was probably available elsewhere for the sale price before Christmas.. but.. it’s up to you :) I’ll be asleep in bed at 7AM thanks very much.

I won’t be visiting the sales this year. I love a bargain, but after spending the last few weeks in crowded shopping malls looking for Christmas presents it’s the last thing I want to be doing! Boxing Day is for sitting about, watching crap TV shows, eating turkey left-overs and drinking heavily. End of ;)