Multi-coloured foam – why!?

Shops usually use some pretty weird tricks to entice you in. They may reduce one item quite heavily or have one really big offer to get you in the doors. However, this advertising banner at the local BP petrol station confused me. Why would a multi-coloured foam make me want to use the car wash?

Will it clean my car any better than just one-colour foam?


So why is multi-coloured foam going to attract customers? Well, the only thing I can think of is that it …. looks pretty. It’s basically trying to simulate some sort of ride at an amusement park.

“Bring your kids to the local BP car-wash!! We’ve got multi-coloured foam and Coco the Clown to valet your car! We can blow balloons up on the air hose and more!!”

It’s not for me though. My mirror is broken so I can’t go near a car-wash. Damn. All that fun I’m going to miss out on. :( Can someone lend me their car so I can see the pretty colours?!

Oh, by the way, I took this photo on my phone while I was in the car – not while I was filling up :)