Filming yourself doing 134mph will get you into trouble

Another YouTube video, another news item. These lads filmed themselves at 134mph on a motorway near Liverpool and now the cops are looking for them. They made several errors…

1) Don’t film yourselves doing it, because if someone gets the footage, you’re in trouble.

2) Don’t put the footage on YouTube.

Unfortunately there’s far more videos of people speeding on YouTube, but these nutters actually filmed their own faces while doing nearly double the speed limit.

These guys seemed to be driving some big old Jaguar too, which stuggles to get up to the 134mph speed. Although it’s shocking, I must confess to seeing cars doing speeds of 110mph + on the M6 Toll every single week.

P.S. The comments on the YouTube video are fantastic…

“wtf were you doing you idiots! you stuped kids, you should have driven off a cliff and do us all a favour”

“what a great way to start the city of culture, what a pity you lot have no brains at all, now all over the world we have your stupid faces, great way to promote our city”

“ah never mind,echo has grassed ya up,ya be gettin a knock of the bizzies soon lads”

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