I’ve got a new car… but..errmm…

Regular readers to my humble blog will know about the slight accident I had recently. Since the accident I’ve not cleaned my car because, if I do, the mirror (which I’d stuck on with tape) drops off.

The guy who came to check the damage and pick it up yesterday found that the car was so dirty he couldn’t even see the damage properly :)


Hopefully they’ll give it a good wash after they’ve fixed it.

I’d arranged last week for a hire car. I get one free as part of my insurance, although it’s not on a like-for-like basis. This means that, even if you drive around in a Ferrari, you’ll get the most basic and cheap car available. In this case it would’ve been a Ford KA. Now, whilst I have nothing against these cars, I’m not keen on driving it up and down the M6. I need something like a Diesel or a car with a larger engine to do the 70-odd motorway miles, so I asked for a bigger car. This they could do and, for a small fee, I could upgrade to a larger vehicle. Job done.

…Then this morning the phone rang..

It turns out that they’d had a lot of people needing a car and, “Do you really need picking up this morning”, said the nice lady.

…well yes, yes I do actually. It’s kinda important in the whole “getting to work” process. She told me that they only had one car left and the truck, containing more cars, wouldn’t be there until lunch. I didn’t mind at this stage, as long as the thing had wheels. So, after about 20 minutes the lady from the “we’ll pick you up” hire-car company (Enterprise Rent-A-Car), arrived in this thing. I figured it was her own car..

..but it wasn’t…

This, this is now my car.. at least for the next day. They’ve promised to swap it tomorrow. It’s a “1.something” automatic.. and, somehow, I’ve used a quarter of the tank on my 35 mile motorway journey. It screams when you floor it and looks like a Noddy car.. :(