Our poorly cat – before and after

We have a cat. Her name is Poppy. We’ve nursed her back to full health after she was diagnosed with a skin condition whilst at the local RSPCA. When we first saw her they’d had to shave most of the fur from her face because she’d scratched half her face off. Everyone walking through the cattery simply walked past Poppy, because she’d got no fur on her face and a big bald-patch on her belly. We loved her though, mainly because she wouldn’t stop meowing at us and watched us walking around.

Her fur has now grown back, and – after several blood tests and different drugs we’ve found that she’s allergic to house dust. Every now and then I give her a little tablet and everything is fine, but the other day she came home looking like this. Yup, half her nose was missing. From the side it looked pretty deep too, but I figured we should let it heal. It didn’t, so we took her to the vets… something she didn’t like much.

Now, after 140 (blimey!), she’s had a bit of plastic surgery and looks like this. Pet insurance wasn’t an option because of the existing skin condition. Doah! :(

According to the vet she’s probably had a run-in with a local fox as the cut was too wide to be a cat claw or anything like that. She was pretty lucky for it to have missed her eyes too.