UK Earthquake – Exclusive damage photos

Last night much of England experienced an earthquake. It was one of the biggest in 25 years and I … slept through it. Compared to certain parts of the world a 5.3 magnitude quake isn’t anything to worry about but… when I got to work this morning.. I noticed the damage that had occured. This is my exclusive picture, only available here at

This plastic cup, which was last night sitting proudly upright on my desk, has now been cruely knocked on it’s side. This devastating damage is just one image from the many hundreds of incidents last night. News is coming in of chimneys “wobbling a bit” and fences “moving a little” with some people experiencing even more terrifying experiences. Jane Brown, from Wigan, told me…

“The cupboard door in the kitchen flew open and a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti rolled off the top shelf. I thought I was going to die – I just screamed like a loon.”

For me personally I last experienced an earthquake in September 2002, when a 5.0 earthquake occured in Dudley, West Midlands. Unfortunately that didn’t do enough damage to Dudley, merely toppling a chimney.

Link – BBC News