Storm! Panic! Run away! Alert! Alert!

If there’s one thing that gets on my nerves it’s over-reacting to stuff. In every news bulletin and newspaper today and yesterday the headlines seem to concern “the worst storm of the winter”, which is now hitting the UK. The result? Well, down in the South and South West a few branches fell off trees, we had a bit of flooding and some damage occurred to buildings (mainly sheds).

So .. err..

For TV and newspapers to stir this kind of panic is ridiculous. On Sunday, a day before the storm “hit”, news programmes warned of “the devastation” that could occur and, in one local bulletin, a woman was interviewed and stated that she “wouldn’t be taking the kids to school” because of the warnings…. in her 4×4..

What the hell happened to “Great” Britain? We seem to be running scared whenever a snow flake falls or some wind and rain dares to blow through our neighbourhood. :(