Waste becomes useful for Ealing residents

Good grief, the Government have actually done something right! :) Wembley (a football stadium in London) recently got knocked flat and a spanky new stadium has been built – imaginatively named the “New Wembley Stadium”.

The rubble from the demolition had to go somewhere, so the trucks (60,000 of them, to be precise) went and dumped it all next to the A40 just outside London. The noise of the many thousands of cars using this road was causing misery for frustrated locals,
The busy main road carries thousands of cars a day to Oxford and Birmingham but the noise was a blight on nearby towns – until now. The mounds were moulded into neat hills to make a barrier from the noise. The guys at FoRM associates have designed the whole thing and made it into a recreation park for locals to enjoy. Best of all, because Ealing Council had to pay 90 for each truck-load of rubbish dumped, it cost nothing to build the park (although, I’m guessing the tax-payers would be paying that 90 charge somehow).

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