I ‘ve just gone to get fuel from my local Morrisons. There’s several hundred muppets panicing about the proposed strike by Shell tanker drivers. Now, if they had any brain cells to rub together they might realise that the strike is ONLY GOING TO AFFECT STATIONS SERVED BY SHELL TANKERS and no-one else, but they appear to think that this will mean all petrol everywhere will run out this weekend.

Outside the shop and there’s a queue which stretches off the supermarket and down the road. There’s also four members of staff with walkie-talkie things telling everyone to queue around the car-park, which I’ve just spend an hour doing. It’s insane – I saw two cars jump across a red light just to move forward in the queue, and there were kids in the second one. Mental.

Why are these people doing this? Why panic? The once-great British public now seem to be nothing but panicking sheep who just follow the people in front of them. Fuel now costs more than it ever has, yet we’re all going to line up and wait for an hour to fill our tanks to the brim with 70-odd of fuel, then when the gauge drops by so much as a millimetre we’ll do it all again.

So I got bored waiting, here’s a pic (attached) of what to expect if you do intend getting fuel tonight. Allow a bit more time than usual.

Next they’ll be bulk-buying bread and milk!!!