Peter Kay returns!

After reading TV worth watching on another blog I thought I’d list the TV I’m watching at the minute. Firstly, Little Britain USA. It’s fantastic. It’s on HBO in the USA and the BBC here in the UK. I’ve seen the US version of the show and it seems that a couple of sketches have been moved around but it’s still fantastic. I love how the “Fat Fighters” sketch shows the difference between the Americans and British outlook on things (in a nice way). :) Brilliant stuff throughout. Plus the BBC are repeating it on Saturday just in case you miss it.

Next, Peter Kay is returning to our screens after far, far too long away. He’s starting a new show on Channel 4 this Sunday (October 12th) called, “Peter Kay’s Britains Got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice”… Hmmm.. I think that’s going to play havoc with the EPG (Electonic Programme Guide) :) It starts at 8PM and there’s Peter Kay all evening to mark the occasion. Watch it.

Other than comedy, me and my lovely wife are now watching a lot of “Wire In The Blood” on ITV1 and I’m trying to catch the odd Al Murray show.

Sheesh.. I thoought this blog post would be a bit more entertaining than it actually was. Umm.. promise not to do that again.

Oh, and that “Harry and Paul” show on BBC1 (it’s labelled as “comedy”) is still not funny. The football manager sketch was good, but apart from that it’s still bum. :)