Check out my MPG!

Some months ago I broke my old car. It was a Lexus IS200 and, to make matters worse, it was the second Lexus I’d written off. I caused 14,000-worth of damage to the first IS200 I broke after twisting the chasis. Both cars are fantastic to drive and were rear-wheel driven. I loved the handling but now it’s time for something…slightly..more sensible. Something that I won’t keep crashing.

I did my research. I checked how many miles I did per week – 350 for work, then some random amount of miles at the weekend. The Lexus, which was a petrol, would have an empty tank after 4 working days – sometimes a bit less. It gave around 300 miles before running out of fuel. That would get me to work and back 4 times.. just. I decided to get a Diesel. Terrible it may seem, I had a look at the savings it would make and I just couldn’t say no. I grabbed “What Car” magazine, went through all the cars and made a couple of choices. I knew which car I wanted – a Lexus IS220D or a BMW 5 series. I test drove them both, then I went to another garage and saw a bright red Audi A4…


I kicked the tyres, took it for a test drive, bought it.

This is typical of my car-driving habits. I’ll check the depreciation, road tax costs and everything else, then I’ll simply get in a completely different car and buy it without knowing anything.

This is the pay-off though. This picture shows that my fuel tank has a massive 580 mile range – and it wasn’t even full, I’d already done 100 miles since filling up at this point. This means that I’ll almost DOUBLE the amount of journeys to and from work (depending on my driving style of course) with the same fuel cost. Oh, and the car goes like absolute stink by the way – thanks to a turbo and a high BHP, plus you wouldn’t really know it’s a Diesel engine thanks to all the sound-proofing. Brilliant.

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