Snow, ice and idiot car drivers

I’m going to buy a big gun and have it mounted on my bonnet. That’s it, I’ve decided. Want to know why ? Well, my journey to work this morning took twice the time mainly due to idiots. It snowed a bit last night. Not much, hardly anything to worry about. The main roads were clear and everything was moving, but the delays were caused by nutters who either (a) believe that they’re going to slide off the road at 20mph or (b) don’t de-ice their cars properly.

This morning I was sat behind a VW Polo. It was iced up on the back and sides – you couldn’t see a thing through the windows. It was sat in front of me at a roundabout and didn’t move despite the fact that nothing was coming. I figured it might of stalled, so I didn’t press the horn. After about a minute the window opened slightly and then edged forward – the person driving had obviously no way of seeing to the right and needed to put the window down to see. Then, when it did move, it went so slow that someone actually crossed in front of it! It couldn’t have been doing more that 5mph, plus when it made the turn I noticed a tiny square had been scraped out of the ice on the windscreen.

AGH! Why do people do this ? I spent about 30 seconds this morning filling up a kettle with warm water from the tap – I then put it on the car and I could see and drive safely. Job done. What’s the big deal with these people ? AGH!