AGH! Cardboard Christmas!

This year was Billys’ first Christmas and we had a lot of toys. You may or may not be aware that most childrens toys are strapped into boxes with lots of cable ties, screws and wires. It takes long enough to remove all this stuff and actually get the toy out but the cardboard that remains uses up more space than the toy itself. Here’s a photo out the side of our house – you can see that our bins have overflowed somewhat and the sheer amount of cardboard is too much for the small green box that the council give us.

Now, normally people would take this up to the local recycling place but, to be honest, I’ve not got the time. I’m therefore going to test out the Lichfield bin men. They’re due to collect the bins and recycling boxes tomorrow so I’ve put all of this at the end of the drive to see how much will be taken. :) I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow! :)