Automatic speed limiters – cars could have them too

A few things baffle me about this news report. The introduction of speed limiters into cars with satellite technology on-board means that your speed will be adjusted automatically to ensure that you’re within the limit for the road. Great yes? Well, put it this way, if the reporter had a dirty great truck behind him whilst testing the system I doubt he’d have finished his report. Reducing so quickly from 60mph to 40mph without taking into consideration the surrounding traffic and road conditions isn’t a wise thing for a computer to do.

Secondly, if this is some “top secret Government research team” why the hell are they using old Skodas? I’ve got a speed warning on my car and there’s one fantastic thing you can do with it – you can turn the frigger off. Click. Shut up.

I work with computers all day long. They tell me what to do in nasty computer speak. Illegal operation. Command not found. Stack overflow. When I get in the car I don’t want it to do the same thing. That’s why the Audi narks me a little. BING! Your water level is low. BING! BING! Your washer level is low. BING! BING! BING! You need to refuel. BING! BING! Engine on fire.. blah blah.. shushh.. Just go forwards when I tell you to at the speed I tell you to. End of.

Link – BBC News