Some rather stunning photos I took this morning

If you visit my blog often you’ll have seen the pictures on the left panel. They’re a direct feed from my phone and I upload them like this to This morning I actually stopped the car to take a picture of the sky. Don’t worry, I wasn’t on the motorway or anything, but it was an early start for me (6.20!) and the morning sky was so stunning I had to take a snap.

The phone I’m using at the moment is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. The 3 megapixel camera produces some fantastic photos and, just to show you how good they are, I’ve included the three shots here in their full resolution. Just click on the pictures below for the actual size. It’s pretty decent for a phone camera!

Oh, and the rainbow was a nice surprise because I never actually saw any rain during the whole journey. :)