Baby Name Generator. What the hell?

This advert has just been on one of the gerzillions of music channels. Is it just me or is this whole thing just….plain…. wrong ?

The idea, you’re having a baby. Great. Congratulations. Now, anyone expecting a baby will no doubt be thinking of a name. It’s only natural. You may buy a book with some names in, perhaps flick through a few. You may even watch some films, go through the credits and look for ideas that way.


Would you subscribe to a text service which generating names … for 4.50 A WEEK ???!

Frig off. I’ll do that for you. Give me 4.50 every week, let me know the parents names and I’ll kick out one name every week for you. I tells you what. I’ll give you one for free. Don’t worry about telling me your name or your husband or wife’s name, it really doesn’t matter ‘cus, let’s face it, the names are just kicked out by a big-ass computer anyway. Here’s one for free…. Bob.

What? Bob isn’t good enough? How about John? There you go. I’ve saved you 9 quid right there.

What the hell is going on with this? It’s run by some gits called Ringtoneking who are sticking this advert on most music channels. These channels are watched predominantly by teenagers and kids, so I can only assume it’s a thinly veiled attempt to suck the stupid-money from teenagers who have got pregnant or who are dreaming of getting pregnant. Ughh.. this is wrong..