Audience figures up on Countdown – here’s why

Countdown is a TV show that launched Channel 4 some 75 years ago here in the UK. When it first came on we all naturally assumed that Channel 4 was going to be utter rubbish filled only with inane quiz shows and random muusic shows. Strangely the first ever programme – Countdown – is still going strong. This is a show enjoyed by those who are off sick from work, home early from Uni or just generally sitting around being lazy.

The show is a tad geeky – making the longest word you can from random letters and using random numbers to hit a certain figure using the power of mathematics. viewing figures have been generally fairly samey, however just recently the “numbers girl” Carol Vorderman has left the show. In her place is 22-year-old Oxford Uni-grad Rachel Riley. Hmm.. I wonder why audience figures have gone up?

Link – Countdown