Snow. Panic. Stress. Panic. Stress. Panic.

Beware all. I’m about to rant.

It’s snowing here in the UK. A lot.

The snow brings out the worst in people. I was at the local supermarket last night. I’d driven through a bit of slush but customers in there were packing up trolleys as if the place was going to shut down for months. Then, after listening to the radio and hearing that many hundreds of schools were shut, I was amazed to see kids walking around throwing snowballs. Geeshh.. don’t they know that this is dangerous eh ? This is why the schools were closed – “to protect pupil safety” ! :)

The teachers are also quoted as “not being able to get to school” – yet many thousands of people get to their place of work without difficulty. Those shop workers who have to deal with panic-buying customers got to work OK, so why is everyone else assuming that a 6-foot high blob of snow will block their way? It’s not 6 foot. It’s not even 6 inches, it’s a few inches if that, and wouldn’t even be considered as worth writing about in many other countries (Canada for example).

The news reporters aren’t making things any better. ITV News says that Manchester is “A City Under Seige”. It’s not though is it? I think you’ll find that it just snowed. A bit. What a namby pamby world we live in here in Britain. If we were in the blitz again most people would be jumping into the sea in panic.

Just calm the flip down. It’s snow. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not going to hurt you or demolish your house (unless you live in a cardboard house I guess). Stop with the panic!