Increasing prices, but keeping them the same

The people that host this server have just ramped up their prices. Prices are being increase “in line with inflation” and they’re using the Retail Price Index (RPI) to bump up prices by 3.7%. According to the email I’ve just had …

“RPI shows prices for goods and services have increased by 3.7% over the past year, and this manifests itself to us in such things as additional staff costs, rent and office costs.”

Uhuh.. But wait.. does that mean that our advertising revenue has increased then ? No, no it doesn’t. But hey, just to rub salt in the wound they’re also adding this into the message..

“We are writing to you to inform you of an adjustment to your pricing. We are keeping the price the same in real terms, but changing it in line with inflation at the standard RPI measure compiled by the government.”

Oh that’s alright then. If it’s the “same in real terms” then your extra monthly charge surely doesn’t exist does it?!

I hate accounting bulls**t. This is arse. Money coming in is the same. Money going out is increasing. This does not equal “the same” in my book. It’s the same feeling I got when looking at our weekly shopping bill. Only a few items cost less than a pound now – everything else is more than a quid. The prices have increased, but no doubt the supermarkets will inform you that their costs have increased, therefore the price is “the same in real terms”. Balls. Have I received a 3.7% payrise? No. Knobheads.

Honestly, it’s like there’s some sort of cockin’ recession on.