A fun way to solve the national debt

So, last night I had an idea. It’s not often that happens, so I held onto it and wrote it down. The leadership debate was on again. No laser shows this time (the Sky News one had a really cool laser show) but they all had a good ‘ole argument and Gordon Brown admitted that he’d been stupid.

Anyhow. If we have a hung parliament I reckon we should do this every week. Get it on ITV1, stick some X-Factor style music on and a booming voice-over. Then get the three leaders to talk for a couple of minutes, explaining what they’d done for the UK in that week. If we don’t like them, we call an 0906 number and get them gunged.

Just imagine the revenue from the 0906 numbers. It’s kept Simon Cowell in Bentleys, so why not put it towards the national debt?

Entertaining and solving the debt crisis. Done.