Who do I vote for? I’ve no idea!

There’s an election coming up and, on Thursday, we’ll head to the polls to vote. However, I have a problem. I don’t know who to vote for. It’s not because I’m a floating voter, it’s because I’ve not had much information.

Just days away from the election I’ve had two leaflets for local candidates. One was for the UK Independence Party and one was for the existing Conservative Party. As for the other local candidates, I literally have no idea who they are. I’ve had to do some Googling and found out eventually on “YourNextMP.com” which seems to have the Labour and Liberal Democrat leaflets we haven’t received.

OK, so I’m missing a couple of leaflets. Big deal, but I’ve not had a knock at the door either. Are these people not bothered? If you can’t be ar**d to talk to me then why should I bother looking at your policies?

So, I’m basing my opinion on this item in the local paper. It’s from a local “hustings” and shows the candidates lined up with the local Reverend. Hmmm… right. I’ve decided. I’m going for Ian Jackson (Lib Dem) ‘cus he seems to sweat a lot, so I’m guessing he gets passionate about his policies.

Job done.

Link – YourNextMP.comflickr.com