Why politics is utter rubbish

Today I’m going to reveal to you why politics is rubbish and you should all go and dance naked in front of the House of Commons. The “emergency budget” was revealed today from the new coalition Government.

Firstly, let’s address the fact that petrol tax hasn’t been increased. This is good news surely. Actually, it’s not, because with that VAT increase and other rises that were put in place by the previous Government, it means that fuel will now go up by nearly 5p a litre by January. Nice eh ?

Source – http://bit.ly/9TFUFQ

Oh, and remember what Nick Clegg said during the election ?

“Let me repeat that: Our plans do not require a rise in VAT.”

Source – http://bit.ly/cazTYl

… and David Cameron ?

“Our plans don’t involve an increase in VAT.”

Source – http://bit.ly/bDzGEX

Now, I don’t care that there’s “no money left” and the “deficit is bigger than we thought”. You both promised you wouldn’t put VAT up, and that’s the first thing you did. I don’t give a stuff about the reasons – it was something you both promised, so stick to it.