Microsoft worry me at times..

Office 2010 has just been released. Many companies are switching to Google Docs in an effort to save money on licensing costs, but Microsoft have decided to fight back. In a blog post Barbara Gordon, VP of Service and Support at Microsoft, states..

“The launch of Office 2010 earlier this month reminded me just how much this makes us different. When was the last time you called Google for help recovering a lost Google Doc? Were you even able to find a number? My guess is, no. In my opinion and the opinion of others, Google simply does not provide that level of service.”

True, Google support is pretty poor if you’re using the free Google Apps system, but the business version offers 24/7 customer support and just when did you last “lose” a Google Doc? I’m prepared to bet never, because it’s all done online and a draft is saved regularly (I know myself, as I lost connection to the web whilst typing a review and it saved the lot).

Google have responded to the Microsoft blog by stating that the comments were “amusing”.