The world has gone mad

Is it me or has the world gone insane today ? A 5 year-old boy walked into Lidl last year with his mom and was accused of stealing a bag of crisps by the cashier. He was held by the arm that, in a court case heard today..

“Amounted to false imprisonment and assault.”

He and his mother won a defamation case today as the child has suffered “injury to his reputation”.

Wah? He’s five. Thousands were spend on the court case and the family were awarded 7500 Euros (about £6,280) in damages. He’s five. FIVE YEARS OLD. He’s probably in the first year of primary school. In years gone by he would’ve just had a telling off or they would’ve found out if he had actually pinched the crisps first.

6 grand. This compensation culture has gone bonkers.