Cars are ruddy expensive.

What the hell is happening to car insurance ? I’ve just had my renewal quote from Direct Line and it’s a massive £773.80. It’s gone up by more than £100 in a year. Sure, I had an accident some years back, but even if I remove that and do a quote on one of those irritating comparison websites I’ve only managed to reduce it to £600. Rubbish.

So, I figured £773.80 was way too much and tried GoCompare and etc. The prices weren’t much different. Although some quotes were less there was a higher excess amount…

Emily, my wife, is a named driver on my vehicle but she’s recently had an accident, so I tried removing her from the policy completely. End result ? It costs MORE! I don’t get it?! Having two named drivers who have BOTH had accidents in the last 5 years is CHEAPER than ONE driver who has had an accident. Weird.

Add this to the £220 cost of brakes / discs and the £200 tax disc plus another £70 to fill the tank up and.. well, it’s not cheap driving anywhere in todays’ society. Oh, and our LCD TV has just blown up. Total bills for today ? £1,263.80 for the car and probably around £400 for a new TV. Arse!