FTTC – Further info

There seems to have been some interest in my earlier post on FTTC / Fibre To The Cabinet / BT Infinity so here’s a bit more info and some more pics. These shots were all taken on the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc by the way…

Here’s the new BT socket. The BT engineer actually left the front of the face-plate loose as I have my RJ11 (modem) cable fed through a hole at the back of the socket into the garage. BT don’t mind you removing the front part of the socket and there’s even a little groove at the bottom which is presumably for threading cables through.

A few people asked just how much the socket “sticks out” from the wall. Here’s a profile shot so you know what to expect..

So, in the garage we’ve got the BT VDSL modem. You can’t get “into” this or start mucking about with the config. To be honest it’s probably best not to. You can see the DSL input (grey cable) on the lower left and the red / green ethernet cable and the power supply.

Here’s my Draytel 2820. You set this up to do PPPoE – it then connects through the BT modem…

Now, you’re going to hate me at this point, but here’s how it looks with a Netgear Ethernet (or “cable”) router in place. You may see something similar if you have broadband with Virgin etc.