The Mail Rail

You probably never knew it existed, but there’s another underground railway in London. It doesn’t carry people, it carries post. At least, it did. It was shut down in 2003 after costing too much to run.

6 miles of track now lie unused with most of the access points secured. A group of people managed to break in recently and took these quick amazing pictures. the whole of this blog post draws you in. Some amazing pictures of a rather collosal system that was initially built in 1915. I love the little touches of Britishness on this, like the warning signs that say, “Tea bags should be put in the bin, not on the track”.

Epic :) Oh, and most of the Silent UK website is like looking into a different world. It seems that there’s dedicated groups of people around the world who seek to adventure around and reveal abandoned underground stations and lines. The age of the London Underground and associated tunnels means that some abandoned stations, like this one are like time capsules.

Link – Silent UK