The Sun On Sunday – It’s coming..

The phone hacking scandal was terrible. People will be asking questions about News International knew about about. The truth, I assume, is that they knew everything about it, but peopl want dirt. People want sensation. People want to know what’s going on inside other peoples’ lives. A headline will sell a paper. People are nosey. Look at Facebook. Do you go online just to be friends or to look into others lives ?

Anyhow. Whilst News International are deleting old emails and covering up evidence (which, trust me, they are), they’ve closed down News Of The World.

So, just to quickly fill the void there’ll soon be Sun On Sunday. We knew about that already, but now it’s tied to the News International name servers and all ready to go… oh, and you’ll probably be buying this in a few months and we’ll all forget what an evil, twisted organisation they are..

Link – WhoIs