eBay Illiteracy

eBay is a great resource and can help you save stacks of cash. However, it does reveal those “real people” who use the internet. Let me explain myself a little. I often think that people reading this blog are pretty intelligent and work in IT or similar roles. There are those, however, who sit on Youtube and eBay all day long. They’re the ones adding the comments to YouTube daily and putting stolen items on eBay for a quick sale.

Some eBay items include a beautifully written description and many photos, however there’s a lot that.. really don’t. This one is an excellent example, and has had the “BitBroken.com Treament“. I’ve included a screenshot of the English language calamity below, or you can click here to get the full mess….

Honestly. This gets on my tits. It almost makes me want to click “Ask a question” and say, “Why the hell did you decide to learn English from graffiti and not your English teacher ?”