Got yourself a Police Warning message on your computer?

I had this rather lovely warning pop up on my PC recently. As an “IT Pro” it might seem strange that I got this malicious message so easily. All I did was click on a “Contact” link on a web page.

The message takes over the whole screen and won’t go away. It demands money and said that I’d been doing something bad on the web. It’s scary, intimidating… and comlpletely fake. Don’t worry, the Police ARE NOT AFTER YOU.

To fix it, I had to reboot and go into safe mode then follow the details in the video below. I’d of course recommend an anti-virus program – a good one from a PC shop – to ensure that every bit of this is gone and doesn’t come back. However, at this time of year you can always save yourself a bit of cash by fixing it yourself. After all, there’s a lot of Christmas shopping to do online!

If you’re having trouble seeing the video below, click to go full-screen or watch it here on YouTube.

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