We need more people like this. Well done pal/

Let’s sum this up shall we. Some oik didn’t pay for his train ticket. The ticket guy told him to pay the fine or get off. The geezer tells him that he’s not going to do either of these things so, despite being asked several times and holding up an entire train load of people, he still sits in his seat.

A fellow passenger filmed all this (gotta love all these phone cameras). Thankfully another passenger decides that the free-loading passenger should get off, and chucks him out of the train. Done.

Unfortunately ScotRail, who run the service, are now “investigating” and would prefer their method of “conflict management”.

Balls to conflict management. Taser him. Boom.

Well done to the big guy who chucked him off and then stopped him getting back on. It’s a slightly hollow victory in a way, because you know that the little git will just get on the next train and not get checked. Tasers. It’s the way forward. BBBZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!