The SOPA thing

A lot of this is getting blown out of proportion. There’s many things that can be done before a website is removed from DNS, but wait.. We should be aware of something…

Have you seen petrol prices recently? Bad aren’t they? Do you know what happens with pricing on that ? It goes up a bit, down a bit, then up a bit, then down a bit. You don’t notice the rise much, and sometimes you’re even fooled into thinking that it’s got cheaper. It’s the old trick of putting the price down a 5p, then up 6p, then down 4p, then back up 5p.. It all happens almost without you noticing.

The internet, as it was, is gone. Freedom to write what you like, distribute what you want and share your thoughts is now more difficult than it was. Part of this is because the internet is now something everyone has. Small children can get online. Every mobile browses the web pretty much and there’s now more people accessing the web more easily. Governments aren’t happy at secrets being spread all over computer screens, music companies aren’t happy at having their material torrented all over the web and everyone wants something for nothing.

So, unfortunately, the web for some is Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and Torrents. There’s not much else, but there will be a little more control here and a little more control there until, one day, you’ll not be able to recognise it.

The control from Google¬† is already immense. It takes just one flick of a switch at Google HQ and, if you’re de-listed from their search results (if you have malware or something else on your site) you will find your successful web business is now in the toilet.

The internet as you knew it is gone…