Win your shopping!

Morrisons are giving away the cost of shopping to lucky customers.

The checkout lady couldn’t wait to tell me all about out when I was in the shop today…

OK, here’s your special barcode. After 8AM tomorrow you can go online and see of you’re a winner. If you won, we’ll pay for todays shopping.

I looked down at my sandwich…

But all I’ve bought is a tuna sandwich. It’s £1.10. If I win, I get my sandwich for free?

She looked puzzled..

Yes, that’s right.

I really don’t think they’ve thought this through. Yes, promote your new competition, but perhaps only tell people who have bought a certain amount of stuff? Personally, I’m not going to fish out my barcode from yesterday, go online, enter a store name, enter a barcode, then see if I’ve won £1.10