Concordia disaster.. Can I just point something out?

The Captain of the vessel, Francesco Schettino was on a life boat talking to the lifeguard when the ship was sinking. This BBC news story details the conversation that happened. Here’s the key points for me..

OK. The Captain is on the lifeboat. He shouldn’t be there really, because there’s people still on the ship. But hey, that’s what he’s decided to do. When the lifeguard asks again and again the Captain moans that he can’t see very well on board because “it’s dark”.

He then says..

OK, so his “Number 1” is there with him. Him and his “Vice Commander” are both stood on a lifeboat, complete with radio equipment to talk to the lifeguard. However, today he came out with this utterly wonderful explanation for being in the lifeboat when others were still on the boat..

You “tripped” into the lifeboat? Did your Vice Commander “trip” too ? Bollocks. You fucked up, big style.